Preventable errors constitute one of the major intolerable drains in healthcare systems. The European Patient Safety Foundation constitutes a neutral knowledge and best practices exchange platform for innovative, meaningful, sustainable and replicable Patient Safety proposals.

For driving Patient Safety forward we work in partnership with international, European and national organizations, patient organizations and partners from industry as well as governmental organizations developing and disseminating frameworks for safe practices. We aim for promoting and supporting the implementation of holistic approaches covering not only clinical but also socio-economic aspects. 

The European Patient Safety Foundation (EUPSF) has been launched in late 2013 and after several years, the EUPSF is now working on its new strategy, projects and organization structure. The aim of the foundation is to create a platform to support all aspects of patient safety and quality care of the patient. For that purpose stakeholders from across the entire health care spectrum and from all medical disciplines are invited to join the Council of Affiliates: medical associations, industry, healthcare institutions, patient safety interest groups, legislatures or individuals. In order to further these purposes, the Foundation will:

  • initiate and support development of research on safety and quality of care of patients
  • raise public awareness of the importance of safety and quality of care of patients
  • organize meetings, seminars, courses, congresses and exchange programs
  • develop and organize specific training programs
  • organize events to stimulate discussion and exchanges of information
  • support education and information on safety and quality of care of patients by, among others, publications and other educational material.


European Patient Safety Foundation
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