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The Semmelweis Foundation is an open, independent non-profit organization established and registered in Vienna, Austria, by a group of engaged private individuals. It operates across the entire Central Eastern European region in order to increase awareness about hospital hygiene and infection prevention in the expert community but also in the public in close cooperation with the WHO. 

The Semmelweis Foundation contributes to increase awareness of hygiene in health care institutions and the reduction of infection rates – in order to save lives.

  • by connecting experts,

  • by increasing public awareness and

  • by creating political pressure through information and initiatives on various levels.

For us, sharing best practice and learning from each other are the most important elements of our activities. We want to encourage patients, health care professionals and political decision-makers to address the issue of hospital hygiene and infection prevention in order for the Semmelweis reflex not to happen again.

When I look back upon the past, I can only dispel the sadness which falls upon me by gazing into that happy future when the infection will be banished … The conviction that such a time must inevitably sooner or later arrive will cheer my dying hour.”

Ignaz Semmelweis,


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