Monday, 3 October 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden 

To be a real force for change, EUPSF must succeed in conveying its message at the European level, both to political decision-makers and to stakeholders who need to be mobilised in favour of patient safety and the improvement of the quality of care.  


In order to deliver a message that takes into account the reality and the cultural diversity of the environments in which European healthcare systems are developing, we are well aware that we have to build our work on cooperative relationships with national or local partners active in the field of patient safety. Only by interacting with such actors we will be able to develop a relevant and nuanced message, linking European patient safety issues with national or local issues. 

We have therefore decided to organise Patient Safety Conferences in different European countries and regions in collaboration with the Affiliate Members aiming to highlight both the challenges of patient safety and the local associations active in this field.  

The first of these conferences will take place on 3rd October 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden at the initiative of FOKUS Patient (NPO Affiliate), with the participation of EUPSF Board Members,  

Centre for Safety at the TU Delft and Slovenský Pacient (NPO Affilitates) and with the financial support from Medtronic and Edwards Lifesciences (Industry Affiliates).


Patient safety in Sweden, Europe and the world

An entire day about Patient Safety who concerns all patient groups, health care, life science-companies and public agencies, how Patient Safety can look like and work within different ways, from different perspectives in Sweden as well as in other countries. What does knowledge, leadership and organization mean for the outcome?

How does the involvement of the healthcare professionals or the patients happens and what govern those who are making the products that are used?


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