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Pre-affiliate status is intended for small companies or start-ups that wish to develop a collaborative relationship with the EUPSF, outside the bonds of traditional affiliation. As such, a Pre-affiliate has no voting right on the Council of Affiliates and cannot propose a candidate for a vacancy on the Board of Directors.  For marketing purposes, Pre-affiliate status is described externally as “Industry Starter”.

Who is eligible?
Small companies or start-ups with the turnover of the legal entity applying for pre-affiliation does not exceed € 1.000.000 per financial year at the time of application.



Access to European multidisciplinary network promoting the exchange of
knowledge and best practices.


Promotion of the collaboration and partnership and patient safety commitment
on and project websites.

Collaborative projects

Possibility to contribute to development and implementation of projects. 



Predictheon is a company that develops software to predict adverse events and outcomes of patients. It was created in 2019 by a group of medical doctors, engineers, and pharmacologists. 

The software created by Predictheon contains predictive models generated through state-of-the-art data analysis techniques, including AI derived methods, of high-resolution data coming from large populations of patients. Using the predictive models of Predictheon have been demonstrated to detect and decrease the incidence of adverse events. The initial focus of Predictheon is on perioperative care, but our pipeline includes other areas of patient care.

The main objective is to change the way to control patients by adding a new “predictive dimension” through the incorporation of the predictive software generated by Predictheon into current or new monitoring systems, and to improve the decision-making process of healthcare professionals to decrease the incidence of adverse events and, ultimately, increase patient safety.


Join EUPSF now and  be part of our excecptional network! 


  1. Check the Affiliate and Pre-affiliate categories and download the relevant Application form.

  2. Fill in the application form and send it to the EUPSF Secretariat on with the interest of becoming EUPSF Affiliate or Pre-Affiliate.

  3. We'll get back to you and schedule a meeting to discuss the Affiliation, mutual expectations and all next steps detail.

Or simply contact us and we'll provide you with all necessary details.

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