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Created late of 2013, the Platform for Continuous Improvement of Quality of Care and Patient Safety (Plateforme pour l’Amélioration continue de la Qualité des soins et de la Sécurité des patients – PAQS ASBL) aims to promote, support and organise the development and implementation of continuous quality of care and patient safety improvement initiatives in Brussels and Walloon healthcare institutions.

PAQS’s vision is to promote a healthcare sector aiming for excellence in its practices and structural function through the standardization of continuous improvement practices.


Efficiency, innovation, sharing and trust remain at the heart of PAQS’s activities.


These are divided into three complementary areas: Resources, Programs and Improvement Services.


To do so, PAQS:

  • Positions itself as a Centre for expertise and innovation recognized for its know-how on quality and patient safety in the healthcare sector, through the development of knowledge along with general and specific competencies and the widely spread of them to the healthcare sector.

  • Develops global, consistent and effective services attuned to the sector's needs, based on three areas: programs, resources and improvement services.

  • Positions itself as a privileged spokesperson to private bodies and the authorities or regional, community, federal and international public organizations regarding the area of quality and patient safety in the healthcare sector.

  • Develops and maintains a network bringing together stakeholders active in the field of quality and patient safety in healthcare and works to link the various existing (and future) initiatives.

PAQS is constantly evolving to always meet the needs of healthcare institutions in terms of quality and patient safety.

To mark this constant evolution and anchor PAQS into an international network, the logo changed into (while remaining a non-profit organization).

To know more about the activities of PAQS? Visit the website!

Plateforme pour l'Amélioration continue de la Qualité des soins et de la Sécurité des patients - PAQS ASBL


Clos Chapelle-aux-Champs, 30 – Bte 1.30.30
1200 Brussels

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