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Welcome our newly elected Board Member
Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Michael Wagner.tiff


Representative of Medical University of Vienna

Michael is a neonatal consultant at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria. In addition, he completed his PhD with a focus on paediatric and neonatal simulation, resuscitation, and patient safety in 2020 and he received his habilitation in 2021.


Since 2014, he is the Head of the Paediatric Simulation Training Center at the Medical University of Vienna, which provides simulation courses in neonatal and paediatric medicine for students, physicians, midwives, and nurses.


Michael is also Board Member at the International Network for Simulation-based Pediatric Innovation, Research and Education and also member of the Advisory Board of the Austrian patient safety platform “Plattform Patientensicherheit”.

His research interests include pediatric and neonatal simulation training; resuscitation and the development and implementation of new technologies with the goal to improve patient safety. His research was published in academic journals, such as “Archives of Disease in Childhood Fetal & Neonatal Edition”, “Pediatrics”,“Pediatric Research”, “Birth”, “Pediatric Critical Care Medicine”, “Frontiers in Pediatrics”.


Michael also works as an instructor for paediatric and neonatal life support at the European Resuscitation Council. This regular experience as a trainer as well as his  clinical work led to a specific focus of interest to the topic of patient safety and simulation-based medical education. Together with international collaboration partners, he studied different CPR algorithms, vascular access possibilities, and hemodynamic effects. Additionally, he is interested in how to improve teaching in a simulated, as well as in a clinical setting, and how to translate training and its clinical effects to improve patient safety.


Furthermore, Michael received multiple research grants for studies utilising simulation-based training as well as clinical studies to improve patient safety as mentioned above. His research and clinical work were awarded with the “Patient Safety Award”, the “Young Investigator Award”, the “Pediatrics Section Research Award” and the “Digital Health

Innovation Award” by the Federal Ministry of Innovation and Technology of the Republic of Austria.

Michael's whole career so far has been focused on simulation-based medical education, the translation from training to clinical education and on improving patient safety for paediatric and neonatal patients, but also on increasing healthcare provider safety. His trainings and research focuses on team management, leadership, and environmental factors to build a hospital-wide safety culture and as a Board Member of the EUPSF, Michael is willing work on developing new international projects and collaborations.

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