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The Medical University of Vienna is a medical research institution with a tradition spanning almost 650 years. It is also the largest European school of medicine with more than 8000 students enrolled.


Over 6000 staff members are employed at the Medical University of Vienna, including 3500 researchers. Together with the University Hospital Vienna (with 1742 hospital beds) it provides cutting-edge medicine and patient care at the highest level. 

More than 1600 physicians are provided by the MedUni Vienna for patient care at the University Hospital Vienna, who together with nursing and other health care professionals care for more than 1 million outpatients and approximately 60.000 inpatients annually. Each year more than 45.000 surgeries are performed.

Patient safety is a top priority at the
Medical University of Vienna and is reflected in numerous infrastructures and projects.

Student education as well as education and regular training of established medical teams takes place in two modern simulation centers.


The Comprehensive Center for Pediatrics has been operating its own simulation center since 2010, with specific focus on neonatal and pediatric emergencies, and trained nearly 1.700 participants in 2021


In addition, medical education and training for members of all medical fields is offered in a newly opened highly modern simulation center, operated jointly with the Vienna Healthcare Group.

In 2019, the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Digital Health and Patient Safety was founded. Here, innovative ways are developed and researched in order to support patient care with the help of modern technology, thus increasing patient safety ).


In line with these efforts the Department of Training and Simulation at the Center for Biomedical Research provides specific, state-of-the-art surgical and interventional trainings for students, residents and postdocs on simulators and/or small and large animals, strictly following Austrian legislation and the 3R principles (replace, reduce, refine) of animal welfare.


At the Medical University of Vienna, we understand the cooperation with the EUPSF as a great opportunity to build an international network to learn from other projects and to disseminate already established knowledge in the field of patient safety.


Acknowledging that one can never stop learning in the field of patient safety, the greatest possible networking of different institutions is essential to enable maximum success for our patients and staff. 

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