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"The term second victim was introduced by Albert Wu in 2000 describing a doctor being traumatised due to his or her own medical error but in 2009 Susan Scott and colleagues expanded this term and now the second victim describes any health care professional who's traumatised by an unanticipated adverse patient event regardless whether it was caused by medical errors or not... normal times, nearly 50% of staff is affected, so during a pandemic like Covid-19 it is reasonable to assume that the most of our health care staff members are affected by the second victim phenomenon...

...we have to create a working culture for those in the frontline of the health care system to stay there confident, happy and healthy!"

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Prof. Dr. Reinhard Strametz

Professor of Medicine for Economists
General Secretary of German Coalition for Patient Safety (Germany)

Prof. Dr. Peter Dieckmann

Professor for Healthcare Education

and Patient Safety, Senior Researcher

(Denmark, Norway)

Peter Dieckmann.png

Please let us know if you think about any specific topic 

related to healthcare worker safety that should be discussed.

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