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Second Victim Support: Implications for Patient Safety Attitudes and Perceptions

The study done by Susan Scott, PhD,RN,CPPS framed around the following research question, “Over time, is there a difference in clinician perceptions relating to patient safety among three groups of survey respondents (non-victims, second victims with support, and second victims without support)?”


The study represents a first quantitative link between second victim support and its influence on the overall culture of patient safety at both the departmental/unit and organizational levels.

Second victim effect and the importance of resilience of healthcare workers during and beyond Covid-19: Interview

Listen to the discussion of Prof. Dr. Peter Dieckmann with Prof. Dr. Reinhard Strametz around the problematic of second vicitim. normal times, nearly 50% of staff is affected, so during a pandemic like Covid-19 it is reasonable to assume that the most of our health care staff members are affected by the second victim phenomenon...

The original article from Dr. Albert Wu who introduced the term "second victim"

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