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Image by Mika Baumeister


Published on 21 April 2020

A lot of fake certificates are currently circulating for protective personal equipment (PPE) such as protective masks type FFP2 and FFP3,  protective glasses and face shields, protective gloves and garments, etc. European Safety Federation (ESF) published detailed article containing also the examples of suspicious certificates (see at the end of the linked article).


Two more important articles can be found on the ESF's website: "Conformity assessment procedure for PPE" and "What to do when importing PPE (e.g. FFP2 masks) to the EU ?"


Published on 20 May 2019

Several cases were reported in Germany, France, Spain and other countries of severe complications with even fatal outcomes after induction of general anaesthesia, caused by wrongly connected tubes to the respirator. 

In addition to that, cases of blocked tubes with fatal outcome have been reported in the UK and the corresponding recommendations published.

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