Significant improvements in patient safety are possible through empowered, people-driven, collaborative and sustainable approaches. 


  • Empowering people for patient safety;

  • Developing innovative, meaningful, sustainable and replicable patient safety projects;

  • Proposing an European multidisciplinary platform for exchanging knowledge and best practices;

  • Promoting and stimulating application of best practices that lead to long-lasting improvements in safety culture in healthcare.


​1) Strategic Multidisciplinary Cooperation 

     With National Patient Safety Associations, European Clinical Scientific Societies and        other expert groups working on Patient Safety topics.

2) People Empowerment

   Sharing information and providing resources for patients, families, clinicians, nurses         and other healthcare providers.

3) Practical solutions for preventing avoidable harm 

    Promoting best practices for improvement of existing technologies, aspects and               solutions that can help with preventing avoidable harm. 

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