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Physician Burnout, Interrupted (NEJM Article)

Pamela Hartzband, M.D., and Jerome Groopman, M.D. in the article of New England Journal of Medicine "Physician Burnout, Interrupted" share their perspective about the causes and potential solutions to physician burn-out. 

"Initially, the prevailing attitude was that burnout is a physician problem and that those who can’t adapt to the new environment need to get with the program or leave. Some dismissed the problem as a generation of “dinosaur” doctors whining and pining for an inefficient, low-tech past. But recently, it has become clear that millennials, residents, and even medical students are showing signs of burnout...

...Physicians recognize that it’s impossible to satisfy the current system’s demands. If you surrender, the joy of engaging with your patients is diminished and ultimately lost. If you resist, you incur the system’s wrath. Doctors are finally expressing the pain they feel...


...Burnout is toxic for patients as well as physicians, because it’s associated with loss of empathy, impaired job performance, and increases in medical mistakes...

...The problem of burnout will not be solved without addressing the issues of autonomy, competence, and relatedness."​​

Ending Physician Burnout Global Community

Founded by Jonathan E.E. Fisher MD, the LinkedIn group brings together thought-leaders from around the world working to end physician burnout and help restore joy and meaning to the practice of medicine. The focus of this group is to build a welcoming community for discussion and advice. 

Burn-out Basics Library

Dr. Dike Drummond together with his team are specialised in prevention and treatment of physician burnout. In the library you can find valuable resources about burn-out causes, symptoms as well as The Burn-out Prevention Matrix (free for download).

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related to healthcare worker safety that should be added to our website.

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